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introducing GLOWWA HAIR FOOD™️ – a multi-award-winning, vegan-friendly hair supplement that has become a favorite among hair professionals for its remarkable and results-driven formula. Carefully crafted with a blend of expertly selected ingredients such as Biotin, B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, L-Lysine, MSM, Niacin, B5, B6, Vitamin C, and nourishing Coconut Water, this supplement is designed to elevate your hair care routine.

Consistent and regular use of HAIR FOOD™️ has shown a myriad of benefits, including promoting healthy hair growth, reducing shedding, restoring overall hair health, achieving a radiant complexion, fortifying nails, and contributing to overall health and wellbeing.

Each bottle of HAIR FOOD™️ comprises 60 capsules, ensuring a month-long supply. While noticeable results can often be observed within as little as 12 weeks, optimal and transformative outcomes are frequently reported between 6 to 12 months of continuous use. This versatile supplement is suitable for year-round consumption, supporting and maintaining your journey to healthier hair and overall wellbeing.

Notably, HAIR FOOD™️ harnesses the power of Biotin and Zinc, both known contributors to the maintenance of normal hair. Elevate your hair care routine with HAIR FOOD™️ and embark on a journey towards luxurious, healthy locks.



HAIR FOOD | MENO, a specially crafted menopause-specific food supplement designed with expertise to cater to the unique needs of women experiencing menopause and beyond. This advanced formula is dedicated to supporting the maintenance of hair health and overall wellbeing during this transformative phase.

Packed with a powerful blend of vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and natural DHT blockers, HAIR FOOD | MENO works to protect and restore hair health from within, addressing the specific challenges faced during menopause. The supplement not only contributes to hair vitality but also supports overall wellbeing throughout this significant life stage.

Consumers consistently report a range of positive results after incorporating HAIR FOOD | MENO into their routine, including restored hair health, healthy hair growth, and reduced shedding. Additionally, users have experienced wellbeing benefits such as reduced tiredness and fatigue, improved cognitive function, regulated hormonal activity, enhanced energy and mood, and improved sleep quality.

Key ingredients in this potent formula include MSM, Lycopene, Biotin, B12, Zinc, L-Lysine, Niacin, B5, B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Myo-Inositol, Thiamine, and Folic Acid. Committed to delivering the highest quality, clean ingredients, our supplements are always free from colorings, flavorings, and GMOs, ensuring a holistic and nourishing approach to menopausal hair health and overall wellness.

HAIR FOOD | £34.99


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Q - Who is HAIR FOOD for?
A - Anyone looking to support the maintenance of hair health from within.
Q - Does HAIR FOOD contain any gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, sweetener or artificial flavourings or colourings?
A - No, HAIR FOOD has been created with optimum health and wellbeing in mind and we do not use any of the above in our products.
Q - Does HAIR FOOD contain any allergens?
A - No, HAIR FOOD does not contain any allergens. However HAIR FOOD is manufactured on equipment that may contain trace elements of nuts. 
Q - Is HAIR FOOD suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
A - Yes it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.
Q - When is the best time to take my HAIR FOOD?
A - For best results take on a morning with food. 
Q - Can HAIR FOOD be added into a juice or smoothie?
A - Yes, along as it is a cold drink the capsules can be separated and emptied into a juice or smoothie.
Q - Can I use HAIR FOOD while pregnant, breast feeding or taking any medications?
A - Always consult with your GP before adding any supplements into your routine.
- Please check with your healthcare professional if you are taking medication or under the supervision of a doctor for health reasons before use.
- We recommend waiting until after pregnancy and breastfeeding before adding GLOWWA into your routine.

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