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  • We understand your time is valuable and you may need to reschedule your appointment. When you make an appointment with us we allocate dedicated time to you from our stylists, and we request you provide at least 48 hours notice should you need to cancel or re-arrange your appointment in order to give us sufficient time to re-allocate the appointment.
  •  When you book an appointment you agree to attend for a salon service at a certain time, to which we allocate dedicated time from our stylists.
  •  Unfortunately if less than 48 hours’ notice is provided we reserve the right to charge 50% of the appointment service amount to cover the dedicated time we have allocated to your appointment.
  • We under that that it is easy to forget an appointment made months in advance, and to help with this we sent email reminders 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • We also understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, so please give us a call or send us a message as soon as you can, because if we can re-allocate the appointment we will waive the cancellation fee wherever possible.


  • The re-booking deposit is for any clients who have already visited the salon and are booking their next appointment.
  • A £35 deposit will be taken when making a follow-up appointment longer than 1 hour in order to secure your appointment.
  • If you wish to change or cancel your
  • appointment please provide at least 48 hours notice as a courtesy to both our stylists and other clients who wish to book appointments at our salon.
  • We also understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, so please
  • give us a call or send us a message as soon as you can if you need to change or cancel your appointment, because if we can re-allocate the time we will waive the cancellation fee wherever possible.


  •  All services are non-refundable but we will be more than happy to schedule a corrective service free of charge.
  •  The service must be a mistake from the service provider... not something you might have changed your mind (after the service has been performed).  In case of a disagreement, a redo must be validated by management. You have 48 hours to contact the Salon to receive a complimentary service to adjust any dissatisfaction.  Corrective services will not be allowed 5 days past initial service date.
  •  It is important you contact the Salon as soon as you are unhappy so we can schedule you As Soon As Possible for a corrective service. 
  •  Please keep in mind, using box color or going from Darker to Lighter tones may result in more than one service to achieve your desired result.


Please, mind that under given circumstances, our team members may refuse service. We can do so if the person in question:

  • Is under the age of 16 (for selected services) 
  • Has health issues that may affect or be affected by the service 
  • Has purposely hidden information of crucial meaning to the service 
  • Did not show up for their last appointment and/or cancelled it too late (see more in the “No-show” and “Late cancellation” sections of the policy) 
  • Behaves improperly and/or is intoxicated 


We are happy to say our salon is pet-friendly. To ensure the safety of all our guests, we ask clients who want to bring your pets along please could you let us know before hand so we can ensure all clients within the salon at the time feel at ease also for your pet to be there.  please ensure that your pet is clean and flea free, vaccinated, house-trained and docile towards other people. The pet cannot be left unsupervised, must stay out of staff-only rooms, especially food preparation areas, and cannot touch other people’s beverages and belongings. The pet owner takes full responsibility for the pet’s behaviour and will be obliged to clean after it, as well as pay for any possible damage.


Our salon welcomes families with children. children must be fully supervision at all times within the salon. must not walk around the salon alone, must stay out of staff-only rooms.


We are happy to return any retail products you purchased within 7 days of original purchase. No cash value is given however an in Salon credit will be issued.

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