Safy's Backstage Experience at London Fashion Week with Unite Hair

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Safy's Backstage Experience at London Fashion Week with Unite Hair

London Fashion Week is a spectacle of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression, and this year was no exception. As Safy worked backstage alongside the talented team from Unite Hair, she witnessed the magic unfold behind the scenes, bringing together fashion and hair design in perfect harmony. Let's take a closer look at the collaborations with two remarkable designers, L Saha and Kanika Goyal, as well as the nostalgic journey into British teenagehood with Sinead Gorey.
L Saha - Timeless Elegance with a Pro-Planet Twist
L Saha, a London-based true-luxury womenswear label, showcased a collection that seamlessly blended ethics, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Backstage, the Unite Hair team crafted sleek, elegant hair inculding low ponytails using Unite Max Control Spray, and smooth and sleek to finish. 
Lead hair - Lea shaw
KGL - Kanika Goyal's 'Arc Echo': A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity
Kanika Goyal's 'Arc Echo' collection took the runway by storm, embodying the values of circularity and heritage. The garments, inspired by the transformative qualities of dreams, featured bold designs and primary colors. Backstage, the hair brief called for a soft wet look, achieved with Unite Beach Spray, sleek and smooth  and a touch of u dry fresh dry conditioner. Kanika Goyal brought forth a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, reflecting the designer's roots in Chandigarh, India.
Lead hair - Diego Miranda 
Sinead Gorey - Nostalgia and Rebellion in British Teenagehood
Sinead Gorey's AW24 presentation delved into the rebellious nature of late 2000s British teenagehood, reimagining the iconic schoolgirl archetypes. The runway featured seamless knits, embellished garments, and detention-worthy patchwork tartan micro-skirts. Unite Hair's contribution to the show involved a playful take on teen hairstyles, including rollers left in the hair, small beehive on the crown area, and sleek side-parted ponytails with big textures and front quiffs.
The overall look encapsulated the essence of the British teenage experience, complete with iPod shuffle clips and jelly spike nails. and seeing a collaboration with the era-defining Ed Hardy, and Steve Madden
Lead hair - Carlo Avena
As Safy navigated the bustling backstage atmosphere, she witnessed the seamless collaboration between Unite Hair and these visionary designers. The hairstyles not only complemented the fashion pieces but also added an extra layer of creativity to the overall presentation. London Fashion Week once again proved to be a melting pot of talent, where the worlds of fashion and hair design converged to create a visual spectacle that captivated audiences and celebrated the artistry of the industry.

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