Summer Hair Care Tips with KMS

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Summer Hair Care Tips with KMS 

Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful during the summer is easy with KMS products. Here are some tips to help you maintain gorgeous hair all season long:

 Protect from UV Damage

Use KMS MoistRepair Leave-In Conditioner with UV filters to shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. It also helps restore moisture and repair damage.

Hydrate Your Hair

Keep your hair hydrated with KMS MoistRepair Shampoo and Conditioner. These products restore moisture and make your hair soft and manageable, perfect for combating summer dryness.

Fight Frizz and Humidity

Apply KMS TameFrizz De-Frizz Oil to keep frizz at bay and add smoothness and shine. This lightweight oil is perfect for humid summer days.

 Heat Protection

Before using hot tools, spray KMS ThermaShape Quick Blow Dry Spray to protect your hair from heat damage and reduce drying time. It’s ideal for quick styling in the summer heat.

Refresh Between Washes 


Use KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray, a dry shampoo that absorbs oil and refreshes your hair. It adds volume and texture, keeping your hair looking fresh between washes.

Add these KMS products to your summer hair care routine to maintain healthy, shiny, and beautiful locks.

Next time you visit Safy B's, ask for the ideal KMS products tailored to your hair type.

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