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The COCOCHOCO Gold Brazilian Keratin regenerates, recovers and straightens your hair and it also guarantees exceptional shine and softness of your hair without any stress. Prevents further damage to your hair.

 Gold Keratin is enriched with 24 carat gold to help the hair from static.

It leaves your hair straight, smoothed and ultra-shiny. It significantly reduces the absorption of water into the hair structure, protecting the hair from damage from salt water and also reducing the time for hair drying.

COCOCHOCO Gold contains pure keratin, which is a natural component & 

does not contain formaldehyde or harmful allergens.

Recovers damaged hair and delivers a healthy and soft appearance.



  • Straightens and smooths your hair, but at the same time does not reduce its volume
  • Gives your hair the ultimate shine
  • Extremely strengthens and nourishes your hair - restores damaged hair and further strengthens healthy hair
  • Saves time - after the treatment decreases the time for hair drying up to 60% and facilitates final styling
  • Provides antistatic effect
  • Provides protection against adverse external influences (sun, rain, frost)
  • Gold Keratin is the ideal choice for all who want to have strong and healthy, straight and shiny hair

FOR HAIR: all types, strongly damaged, dyed, stubborn 

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How long after the application of Brazilian keratin can I colour my hair again?

We recommend 2 weeks after application.

When can I wash my hair after the application of Brazilian keratin?

48-72 hours after application (we recommend to wait for 3 days).

What shampoo can I use after the application of Brazilian keratin?

Shampoo without sodium chloride

What to do if the hair gets wet in the first 3 days after application?

Dry your hair immediately.

 Is it possible to use styling products in the first 3 days after the application of Brazilian keratin?

It is not recommended.

How long can Brazilian keratin last on my hair?

3-4 months.

When can I reuse Brazilian keratin?

The application lasts for 3-4 months

Is it possible to use Brazilian keratin during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended.

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